Fashion Trends from the Spring/Summer 2021 Runway

Out of the world’s four most popular Spring/Summer 2021 fashion weeks, only New York and London Fashion Weeks took place entirely digitally with impressive performances. Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks included several in-person shows, albeit with a limited number of participants and strict social distance measures. The world’s new habit of working from home influences the inspiration for outfits. Comfort is key, making loose-fitting trousers, bralettes, knitting, and more the new trends of the season.

Spring/Summer fashion

Although the pandemic continues, the joy of a new spring and the desire to return to normal has brought bright colors, especially bubblegum pink, to the forefront of this year’s style. Outstanding multicolored motifs from the tropics, the sparkling disco style of the 1970s, and the fringe costumes of the 2000s are just a few of the many exciting trends this season.

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