Fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2022–2023 follow those for Spring/Summer 2022, when the world was emerging from a pandemic that included some rather bleak periods for everyone. The colors and shapes for Spring/Summer 2022 were vibrant and showy, yet they were also exciting and daring.

Normally, fall styles are more muted and earthy in tone, but this season, hot pink and neon hues were prominent on the Fall/Winter 2022–23 runways. The freedom following the pandemic is tangible!

Top Trends Fall/Winter 2022/23 for women over 50.

  1. Knee-high boots
  2. Bell Bottom Jeans
  3. Leather/Faux Leather jackets
  4. Blazers
  5. Belts
  6. White Shirts & Tanks
  7. Long Coats
  8. Maxi Skirts
  9. Sequins
  10. Plaids

Although there is no set age bracket for trends, some fashion trends are simply unattainable for women over 50. I prefer to take a broad view of what is popular, then I break it down so that stylish older women can understand it.

Eve Dowes, the creator of the fashion and opulent living blog Glamour and Gains, provides a fantastic illustration of this. She claims that she doesn’t really think there is such a thing as dressing for a certain age, but older clients have asked her for styles with lower heels or sleeves that cover more of the arms.

One option would be to choose a flat boot with either a thin sole for a classic style, a chunky lug sole to be more fashionable, or a modest heel vs the platforms that are currently trending because knee-high and over-the-knee boots will be a major Fall/Winter 2022–23 design trend.

More Fall/Winter Trends for 2022–2023

Shirts and tank tops in white
Most lines include both white tank tops and crisp white shirts. For the ideal fall style, pair them with blue denim and chic boots.

Long coats and jackets
Many styles feature long, enormous coats in a variety of hues, from brown to bright pink.

Animal patterns
Animal prints may be really wild. Really, animal prints are timeless. They are a classic pattern that may be worn in a variety of ways. However, some seasons seem to have them more in demand than others. One of them is fall and winter of 2022–23.

Blazers, jeans, skirts, blouses, and coats all include plaids in all different hues.

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